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Making society more efficient.

Committed to the mission of "Making society more efficient," we integrate cloud technology and internet platforms to continuously invest in technological research and development in the fields of manpower, technology, and livelihood. Our one-stop digital HR service cloud platform, HRWORK, has become an industry innovator. We strive to be a trusted and reliable manpower technology and livelihood service platform, dedicated to helping businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency, ensuring employees' well-being and happiness, and providing users with the ultimate convenience and user-friendly product concept.

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Services and solutions

Delve deep into various industries and identify pain points that different-sized enterprises face in their human resources operations. Provide tailored solutions that address these pain points effectively.

Customized solutions
  • API technology

    API interface for Social Security Platform

    API technology

    An open platform specifically designed for human resources service agencies or large conglomerates, which allows the seamless integration of Social Security Platform functionalities into the company's own platform through a set of code.

  • Next-generation blockchain

    Unlocking a brand new talent service approach for the digital economy era.

    Next-generation blockchain

    "Blockchain + Human Resources" industry collaborative solution, in response to the national "Digital Talent Value Management" century strategy, to achieve the full lifecycle value of talents in all professions.

  • Big data

    Big data has driven the strategic transformation of traditional human resources.

    Big data

    Big data has driven the strategic transformation of traditional human resources, enabling organizations to leverage big data technology in areas that were previously difficult to reach with traditional methods. It has facilitated more accurate talent recruitment, targeted employee training and development, scientific performance assessment and management, and objective talent decision-making.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Automated Business Processes and Intelligent Querying with Customer Service

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    In the field of human resources, data and information are constantly expanding, and accurately analyzing this data requires a significant amount of time. Artificial intelligence (AI), capable of identifying patterns within the vast amount of data and performing various data-intensive tasks, can effortlessly identify critical information, errors, and inconsistencies, thereby enhancing productivity.

Technology creating value

We insist on using technology to drive overall talent solutions. Our independently developed systems and platforms have obtained 50+ national qualifications, patents, and computer software copyright registration certificates.

Understanding our

Investor Relations

An industry-leading investment institution with a cumulative investment of hundreds of millions

  • Enlight Growth Partners

    Focused on investments in the Technology, Media, and Internet Consumer (TMC) sectors in the Greater China region, they seek to discover exceptional companies and gather top Chinese entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Pegasus Capital

    Pegasus Capital (58 Industrial Fund) partner, formerly a partner at Chuxin Capital and an independent angel investor. Investment projects include Qingtuan She, Xigua Chuangke, Leke Sports, Jisi Academy, Yidianling, and Rainbow Planet.

  • PEAKVIEW Capital

    PEAKVIEW CAPITAL Fund Managing Partner, responsible for overseeing investments in Shengjing's Industry Internet and Enterprise Services/SaaS sectors, as well as Shengjing's overseas flagship fund (United States/Israel). Prior to joining Shengjing Jiacheng, he held various positions including General Manager of Enterprise Planning Department at Tsinghua Unigroup, General Manager of SAP ERP Consulting Service Division, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Financial Services Division/ERP Division at Bo Yan Technology.

  • MING VENTURE Capital

    MING VENTURE Capital is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in the new generation of information technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (AI). They are dedicated to discovering and supporting the most outstanding entrepreneurs in China's digital industry.

  • 36Kr

    This is a technology innovation and entrepreneurship comprehensive service group that owns the well-known new business media "36Kr". Its media coverage reaches over 150 million readers worldwide.

  • Vision+ Capital

    Vision+ Capital Partner/Chairman, co-founder and partner of Alibaba, has held various executive positions in major businesses of Alibaba Group and has led investments and acquisitions in companies such as UC, Amap, Momo, and others.

  • Volcanics Venture

    Volcanics Venture Founding Partner, IDG Technology Venture Capital Partner, ranked among Forbes China's Top 10 Best Venture Capitalists, and recognized as one of the Top 100 Global Venture Capitalists by CB Insights.

  • ZhenFund

    The founder of ZhenFund is a prominent angel investor in China and also one of the co-founders of New Oriental Education & Technology Group. He was selected for the "Global Best Venture Capitalists" list by Forbes magazine in 2016 and was also included in the Forbes Global Best Venture Capitalists list in 2020.

  • Z Venture Group

    The founder and chairman of Z Venture Group is also the founding partner and former CEO of PPLive Inc. PPLive Inc. is one of the three companies in which SoftBank, a Japanese multinational conglomerate, has invested in China (one of them being Alibaba).

Consistent Choices of China's Top 500 Enterprises and Industry Benchmark Companies

We have already tailored effective solutions for over 60 Chinese Fortune 500 companies, 30 global Fortune 500 companies, as well as various foreign-funded enterprises, listed/group companies, and high-growth companies. Our solutions have helped these businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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